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From the first, everything Linda said just felt right. Inside a year, she has restored my voice, given me confidence and a great technique I can rely on to get me through even when I'm terrified! I really can't thank her enough.


"After 60 years of singing in choirs I felt my voice was sounding worn out. Linda has not just rescued my voice from degeneration; she has taught me how to sing much more fluently and to make sounds which are quite passable really for someone in his upper seventies!"


"One of the joys of a lesson with Linda is hearing her own lovely voice, gently and effortlessly leading where we are urged to follow."


Linda is a witch. Stay on her good side. 


"Too old to sing? Linda will disprove that within one lesson. My thanks to her for giving me back my voice and my confidence, and now she is tackling my inhibitions!"


"Thank you so much for helping me find my voice. You have no idea how much singing with you has changed my life. You are a total inspiration, an amazing teacher, and a bloody good laugh!"


"It is just amazing what Linda has found in my voice and how much she has improved the quality of sound. I now have the confidence to sing solo and have just been offered a solo part by the local opera company I've now joined."

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