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Lesson advice

Linda recommends a course of 6 weeks: an intense course is far more useful to you then, for example, one lesson a month. Singing lessons are a form of physiotherapy - the retraining of muscle pathways, and it takes roughly 6 weeks of lessons and practice to change a habit. 

24 hour cancellation

Linda asks for 24 hours advance notice of cancellation of a booked lesson to avoid being charged for that hour.

Private Lessons

A single consultation lesson (£60)  

A single lesson demonstrates Linda's method and reveals to the student a glimpse of their potential.

These can help clarify whether someone can sing/could learn to sing. Most can.

The consultation hour enables diagnosis of specific vocal difficulties and demonstrates the plan for recovery. Often a student will come knowing something is very wrong but not knowing quite what. That first hour can establish what is going on and whether it is mendable.

A bit like therapy, not every method/teacher suits everyone.

Lessons: one hour (£60)

You might like to share your lesson with a friend. Rather than teaching both people simultaneously Linda gives each student half an hour. Alternatively students sometimes come in pairs and book a two hour slot, with one student sitting in and listening while the other is being taught. That way you get two hours of instruction for the price of one!

Linda teaches  from her home in Laughton, East Sussex. 

"Tone deafness is treatable, but I teach voices not ears. Having said that,  the musical ear is like a muscle which needs exercise to work properly, so the singing lessons often have a marked improvement on the student's musical ear as well as their voice."

 "Very few are properly tone deaf (I haven't met more than two in 30 years....)".

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