The Community Project

Laughton Lodge, East Sussex, UK

Linda was the initiator of a co-housing community formed with the help of a group of like minded people who jointly bought a recently decommissioned residential hospital in rural Sussex. From an initial idea in 1991 to finally moving into their newly converted homes in summer 1999, it took 8 years to gather the group and to oversee the purchase and conversion, during which time Linda had her three children. 

The project is situated on the edge of the small village of Laughton in East Sussex. Whilst maintaining the privacy of individual homes, the aim of the group is to live co-operatively, jointly managing the land and communal facilities, informally sharing skills and support and generally enjoying each other’s company.

Members of the group created the Community Project according to their own ideas, however it resembles the “co-housing” model which while fairly unfamiliar in the UK is more widely-known elsewhere.

Laughton Lodge is a remarkable place to bring up children. There are many unusual benefits in living so closely with  others:  shared animal husbandry,  great parties, workshops, dance and theatre shows, collective music making, art works, maths/Latin coaching, harvest festival, advent spirals, bonfire and fireworks, snow man competitions, and being able to draw on the varied expertise of all the adults.

If you would like more details about co-housing follow this link to the UK Housing Network.

For more details on the Community Project at Laughton Lodge, follow this link to the Laughton Lodge Website.


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